Hey, I'm Nicole!

I'm a raindrop-loving, food-obsessed girl born & bred in London. But, my mother is Peruvian and my father is Moroccan, so I inherited a huge blend of cultures across different continents. It definitely makes me feel like I'm a wandering spirit.

Most of my life has revolved around academia, from my Undegrad in Business to studying Technology & Innovation at Stanford.

But since I was little, my passion or 'calling' has always been storytelling. Be it writing, drawing or singing. So when my aunt taught me how to take my first photograph on her camera when I was 7 years old, I just couldn't stop. And I haven't stopped since.

This is my one and only, Bilal. I can assure you that we somehow share one soul & we've been drifting through universes, galaxies and dimensions together. He is my pal, my family and my whole entire world.

Bilal is the reason I love the concept of love and weddings. He made me believe. And I know your love has too.

My style is timeless, soft & glamorous. But most of all, it's about you.

I'm so honored that you're considering me as your devoted photographer for your special day, and I can promise you that you'll have a new friend in me to hold your hand, from the moment you commit to me.


Nicole x